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10/19/17 Meeting Recap

Posted by Brian B on October 19, 2017 at 11:15 PM Comments comments (0)

The Scouts continued working on skills need for orienteering.  Mason also did a presentation for a Citizenship Merit Badge.

Scout-O will be on 10/27-10/29.  There needs to be one more adult attending the Scout-O.  Please see Mr. Kielec to attend Scout-O.  He has permission slips and waivers for the competition.

On Sunday, 10/22, at 9:00 am the Troop has a service project at Milford St Park.  The Troop will be assisting the Park Dept in spreading mulch at the playground.  We will also be going around the park cleaning up trash and recycling.  Please bring metal rakes and shovels to help out.

On 11/17 there is a camp out at Camp Buxton.  On 11/18, there will be a work day at Camp Buxton to finish installing the orienteering course.

The Troop will be going to Camp Yawgoog on 12/1-12/3 in order to do a five mile map & compass hike.  We will also be working to fulfill the four mile back pack hike.

The Cub Scouts will be having a hike at the Blue Hills on 11/18 as well.  They have requested some Scouts hike with them and work with Cubs on things like "Leave No Trace" and the Outdoor Code.  Please let an adult leader know if you are interested in going.

The YMCA is having a Spook-tacular event on 10/25 from 6-8 pm.  They have requested that Scouts assist with a Smores Station.  Please see Mrs. Mom to sign up.

No advancements this week!  Oh no! 

Popcorn incentives were given out!  Lots of Scouts received their lightsabers!  Nathan and Anthony became Younglings!

Popcorn take order forms are due on 10/26.

Mason was congratulated on a job well done on his presentation. It was obvious that he put in a lot of time and effort on his presentation on the town.

Have a great week!

10/12/17 Meeting Recap

Posted by Brian B on October 19, 2017 at 10:50 PM Comments comments (0)

Scout-O will be on 10/27-10/29.  There are currently 7 Scouts and 2 Adults signed up.  Please see Mr. Kielec for permission slips and waivers for competing.

The Merit Badge College at Rhode Island College opens up registration at Midnight Halloween night.  The event occurs on the first weekend of January.  Scouts will be able to earn up to two Merit Badges at this event.  If the Scouts want to take an Eagle required Merit Badge at the MB College registering as close to it opening up is recommended.


Xander has earned the Family Life Merit Badge.

Mr. Partridge is the Council Treasurer and made an announcement at the District Roundtable.  The Council was not making the numbers at the Summer Camp program at Cachalot.  Because of that, Council is suspending the Summer Camping program at Camp Cachalot.  Troops affected by this are being given some financial incentives over the next three years to give Camp Yawgoog a try.

On 11/17 there will be a one night camp out at Camp Buxton.  On 11/18, the Troop will be having a work day to finish installing the orienteering course at Buxton.

There will be a camp out at Cachalot from 12/1-12/3.  This goal for this camp out will be to do a five mile map and compass hike.

The Troop's annual planning camp out will be at Ker-Anna on 2/9-2/11.

Scouting for Food will occur on 10/28.  The Scouts will be distributing door hangers in their neighborhoods on 10/28.  On 11/4, the Scouts will collect donated food from the house where they distributed the door hangers.

There will be a Committee Meeting on 10/18 at 6:30.

ILST training for those that are participating will be on 10/19 at 5:30.

On 10/25 the Swansea YMCA will be having a Halloween event and has requested volunteers to run a Smores station.  The event is from 6-8 pm.  Please see Mrs. Mom to sign up as a volunteer.

Have a great week!

10/5/17 Meeting Recap

Posted by Brian B on October 19, 2017 at 10:20 PM Comments comments (0)

Scout-O will be 10/27-10/29.  On Saturday morning there will be training in Orienteering.  Saturday afternoon there will be Orienteering Merit Badge Counselors available for the Scouts to work on the Orienteering Merit Badge.  Saturday night there will be an opportunity for the Scouts to do some night orienteering.  Lastly on Sunday there will be a orienteering competition. 

There are 12 spots available for the Scouts.  Spots will be filled first come.  This camp out will satisfy some Second Class and First Class requirements.

Popcorn shifts are open.  Please sign up.

Popcorn dates have been emailed out.


Jordan has earned the Scout rank.

Mason earned the Citizenship in the Nation Merit Badge and the Environmental Science Merit Badge.  Both are Eagle required.

Jacob B has earned the rank of Eagle Scout and also earned a Bronze Palm.

There was great feedback from the Webelos-O-Ree.  There were eight Webelos that attended and they had a great time!

The Troop has started a new award that will be awarded by the Camp Masters.  The new award is the Camp Master Cook Award!  This will be awarded to the Scout that cooked at the previous camp out and did an outstanding job.

The first award goes to Noah for his work at the Webelos-O-Ree!

Scouting for Food begins at the end of the month.  Scouts will be placing door hangers on 10/28 and then will collect food on 11/4.

The Swansea YMCA has requested some volunteers to help with their Halloween event.  They would like our help running the Smores station.  This event is on Wednesday 10/25 from 6-8 pm.  Please see Mrs. Mom to sign up for this event.

Have a great week!

9/28/17 Meeting Recap

Posted by Brian B on October 19, 2017 at 10:05 PM Comments comments (0)

The list of popcorn incentives and dates will be emailed out soon.


Jason earned the Fishing Merit Badge.

Adam and Ben P received the Merit Badges that they earned during Summer Camp.

For the Webelos-O-Ree the Troop will be at Manchoosi.  On Saturday, the Troop will be doing a cooking demo at the Stockade.

The Ker-Anna camp out has been booked for 2/9-2/11.  This is the Troop's planning camp out where the Scouts work on planning the camp out for the next year.

The OA Fall Fellowship is 10/20-10/22 at Camp Cachalot.

Great Job to all the Scouts on wearing the proper uniform at the meeting.

For the Troop game the Scouts did a Knot Race.  In third was the Border Patrol with 5 points.  In Second was the Duct Tape Patrol with 19 points.  Finally in First Place was the Flying Narwhals with 21 points!  Congrats!

October is Archaeology Month.  There are events throughout the month.  Please see Xander or Mr. Flynn for the events.

The Webelos-O-Ree is an event for the Webelos.  Please bring enthusiasm and positive energy to the events! 

Thanks to Allen, Wilber, Mathieu, Mr. & Mrs. Biello, Raquel and Mrs. Smith for helping clean the upstairs.

Have a great week!

9/14/17 Meeting Recap

Posted by Brian B on September 17, 2017 at 10:35 PM Comments comments (0)

The Scouts continued working on Dutch Over Cooking in preparation for the Webelos O Ree.


Jason earned the Cooking Merit Badge.

Mason earned the Family LIfe Merit Badge.

Noah earned the Scout rank.

OA Fall Fellowship is from 10/20-10/22.

The permission slips for the Webelos O Ress were due at this meeting.  Please see Mr. Bouffard if there are any quesitons.

Popcorn pickup will be on 9/16 at 8:00 am in Wareham.  Assistance will also be needed at the Legion to upload at approximately 9:00 am

Any books that were borrowed from the library for summer camp need to be returned.

Donations of uniforms that Scouts have grown out of or no longer need are being requested.  The Troop normally keeps a supply of uniforms to assist any Scout who needs it.  Unfortunately our supply of uniforms has dwindled and needs to replenished.  Please take a look at what you may have available.

Thanks to Lori for running the Troop yard sale! 

Thanks to Mr. Kielec for all of his work with the Dutch Over Cooking to help the Troop get prepared for the Webelos O Ree!  The banana boats looked fantastic!

Have a great week!

9/7/17 Meeting Recap

Posted by Brian B on September 7, 2017 at 10:20 PM Comments comments (0)

The Scouts worked on making monkey bread and had a demostration on different camp stoves and cooking with them.

The Webelos O Ree is 9/29-10/1 and it is strongly encouraged for everyone to attend.  This is our chance as a Troop to work with the Webelos from our Pack and show them how fun Scouting can be.  The Troop will be doing cooking demos during the day for the Webelos.  Permission slips for this are available and are due at the 9/14 meeting.

The Yard Sale is on 9/9 from 9-1 at the corner of Gardener's Neck Rd and Rt. 6.  Donations for sale can be dropped off starting at 7:00 am.  This is an important fundraiser for the Troop.  Please donate any items that are in good condition and clean. 

For Scouts that are volunteering to help out, please use common sense and watch for traffic.  This corner sits on a busy intersection.  Be smart and stay safe.  Also please bring water, sunscreen and a chair to sit in to help run the yard sale.  This is a Class B event.

Anyone that has old Scout uniforms that they no longer use/fit into please donate them back to the Troop.  The Troop keeps a small supply of uniforms for anyone need is in need of a uniform.  Our current supply is running very low and it would be greatly appreciated to have any items not being used donated.

The next Committee Meeting will be Wednesday, 9/13 at 6:30 in the back room of the Legion.  This meeting is open to everyone and all are encouraged to attend.  Please come and have input on your son's Scouting experience.

The next OA Chapter meeting is on Wednesday, 9/13 at 7:00 in the main room of the Legion.  This is the first chapter meeting since the Summer.  This is a Class A event with your OA sash.  FYI, the monthly day for the OA meeting is now the second Wednesday of each month going forward.

Please note that at the next Troop Meeting, we will be sharing the Legion with Pack as they have their Registration Night.  Please be courteous of the Pack and provide them ample room and relative quiet to have their Registration Night.

This weekend is an OA Vigil which is the highest honor is OA.  Henning Anderson has been selected to go through his vigil this weekend.  Assuming he makes it, please congratulate him.

Have a great week and see everyone at the Yard Sale!

8/31/17 Meeting Recap

Posted by Brian B on September 2, 2017 at 9:30 AM Comments comments (0)

Welcome back to all of the Scouts!  We hope everyone had a great summer and is ready to pick back up with Scouting!

The Troop Popcorn Kickoff will be on 9/14.  Any Scout that comes to that meeting with $100 in sales on their order forms will receive a prize!

No advancements at this meeting as everything will be given out at the Troop's Court of Honor on Friday!!  This event is Class A and everyone is encouraged to wear their MB sash as well.

As part of his duties Mr. Flynn writes Thank You letters to organizations that have made donations to the Troop.  Mr. Flynn discussed how incredibly easy those letters have been to write this year.  He is incredibly proud of what our Troop has accomplished so far this year.

The new CSR hat with the Eagle on it is available in Navy Blue at the Scout Shop for anyone that is interested.

The Yard Sale will be on Saturday, 9/9.  Mrs. Podesky will be there at the parking lot of Frank Smith Insurance at 7:00 am for people to start dropping off donations for the yard sale. At the next meeting, we'd also like to have a list of Scouts that will be volunteering to help run the yard sale.

As part of one of his Merit Badges, Ethan had a meeting with the Superintendent of the Swansea Water District.  In that meeting Ethan discussed the water issues that have affected Swansea for a while.  Ethan learned that the discoloration is caused by dirt in the pipes and that the Water District has been and will be flushing the pipes to get this cleared up.  The reason for this issue has been the new water filtration plant.

Congratulations to all the Scouts on all of the hard work that they did over the summer in earning acheivements and in helping with all of the Troop's events!

Have a great holiday weekend!

6/15/17 Meeting Recap

Posted by Brian B on June 20, 2017 at 7:20 PM Comments comments (0)

The Scouts worked on making their patrol flags.


Demetre earned his Cyber Chip.

Ben P earned the Personal Management Merit Badge.

Jacob S, Noah, Jason, Nathan and Xander all earned the Archaeology Merit Badge.

The official report for the Archaeology Merit Badge was filed with the state of Massachusetts.  It was also given to the two local tribes that are involved with Camp Buxton.  The report was also provided to the Narragansett Council.

Summer Camp permission slips are available and need to be turned in.

The sheets of poster board for Summer Camp are available.  These are for the Scouts to write their name on and decorate with the theme.  These will go outside the tents at Summer Camp so everyone knows who is in which tent.

The Scouts are encouraged to bring costumes for Summer Camp and to bring decorations for their tents and the site.

The Troop Jacket sign up sheet was available at the meeting.

Committee Meetings are always open to everyone.  The more parents that attend then the more input and say you have in the experience that the Scouts have.  The minutes from the Committee Meetings are emailed to all of the parents and the date for the next meeting is always in those notes.

The theme for popcorn was introduced.  Each Scout recieved an invitation to the "Council of Knowledge" for popcorn.  There will be a number of incentives this year such as a t-shirt for Summer Camp next year and getting to Silly String the Scoutmaster.

On this Sunday, 6/18, there will be a Father's Day 5k at the Swansea YMCA. 

Everyone that helped with the trailer clean out and tent repair last Saturday did an impressive job.

Mr. Jean and Mr. Brown were given Thank You cards from the Girls Scouts for helping them with their Archery Badge.

The prep information for the Troop Yard Sale in September was passed out.

Have a great week!

6/1/17 Meeting Recap

Posted by Brian B on June 2, 2017 at 7:05 PM Comments comments (0)

The Scouts worked on patrol meal plans for the Cachalot camp out.

Next Thursday, 6/8, the meeting will be a swimming outing.  It will be at Riverview Inns & Suites.  Please see a previous blog entry for the address.  The outing will be from 6:30-8:30 and will cost $7 per Scout.

Also on Thursday, 6/8, Mr. Flynn will be at the Legion from 6:30-7:30 for anyone that has questions about summer camp.

At the Troop meeting on 6/22, a few of the older Scouts will be bringing their footlocker for summer camp in for demonstration purposes. 

On Thursday, 6/29, there is no Troop meeting but Mr. Flynn will again be available at the Legion from 6:30-7:30 for questions about summer camp.

Mr. Partridge has some footlockers available to be borrowed for any Scout that needs a footlocker for summer camp.  There may also be some mosquito netting and poles available as well.

On Monday evening, 6/5, there is a meeting about summer camp at Camp Norse.

Ben P is in need of GPSs and volunteers for his Eagle Project.  Please see Ben P to let him know if you have a handheld GPS and could be available to assist.

The remaining Scouts that participated in the Archaeology Merit Badge did a presentation on their findings at closing.

The Cachalot camp out permission slips and payments are due on 6/8 and will be collected at the swimming outing.

The Cachalot camp out is our family camp out and other family members are welcome.  This camp out is also a great camp out for any Scout that is interested in going to summer camp.  We will be camping at the site Troop 303 stays at for summer camp.  The Scouts will be hiked around Cachalot and shown the facilities and location of things.

The permission slips for summer camp are available.  These will be due very soon as well as all of the health forms.

Mr. Flynn expressed that he was very proud of the Troop for marching in the Memorial Day Parade.  The Legion members were very impressed with the Troop's performance.

On the listing of Troop dates, a flag disposal ceremony was scheduled for 6/3.  This ceremony will not be happening as the planning fell through.

The Library has books Merit Badge books available for summer camp.  Please see Ben B or William to check out the books.

We'd like to welcome Mason to the Troop.  Please be sure to introduce yourself and make him feel welcome.

The Troop has written up a photo/image release form.  Please take a look at the form and decide your preference for release of images.

The Troop trailer clean out and tent inspection is still scheduled for Saturday at 8:00 am. 

Have a great week!

Swimming Outing on June 8th

Posted by Brian B on May 30, 2017 at 9:45 PM Comments comments (0)

Instead of a regular Troop meeting on 6/8, we will be having a swimming outing to allow the Scouts to practice swimming in preparation for Summer Camp. The details are below:

Where: Riverview Inn & Suites, 1878 Wilbur Ave, Somerset, Ma

When: 6:30-8:30 pm

Cost: $7 per Scout

Please enter at the main entrance/main office. Let the front desk know that you are with Boy Scout Troop 303. You will pay at the front desk.

Please let the Scoutmaster or the SPL know if you have any questions.